Long Island Brain Tumor Walk- Long Island @ Jone’s Beach Field 5
Sep 14 @ 8:30 am – 11:30 am

When: ​Saturday, ​September ​14, ​2019
Time: ​Event: ​8am ​to ​Noon ​Team ​will ​be ​advised.
Location: ​Jone’s ​Beach ​Field ​5 ​- ​Parking ​lot ​for ​Jone’s ​Beach ​Theatre, ​100 ​Ocean ​Parkway, ​Wantagh, ​NY ​11793
Supplies: ​Massage ​table ​or ​chair ​plus ​a ​personal ​supply ​list ​to ​be ​sent ​upon ​confirmation
Number ​of ​therapists ​needed: ​6 Therapists for Chair massage/table
Team Leader: Please contact the CSMT Chair if you are interested in being a team leader for this event at:

Long ​Island ​Brain ​Tumor ​Walk, ​is ​an ​event ​to ​raise ​awareness ​and ​much-needed ​resources ​to ​fund ​critical ​brain ​tumor-specific ​programs ​to ​improve ​the ​lives ​of ​all ​those ​affected ​by ​brain ​tumors. ​Hosted ​by ​the ​National ​Brain ​Tumor ​Society, ​the ​Long ​Island ​Brain ​Tumor ​Walk ​offers ​individuals ​and ​teams ​a ​chance ​to ​honor ​and ​remember ​loved ​ones, ​connect ​with ​others ​interested ​in ​the ​brain ​tumor ​cause, ​and ​helps ​to ​educate ​the ​local ​community ​on ​the ​diverse ​needs ​of ​the ​brain ​tumor ​community.The ​National ​Brain ​Tumor ​Society ​(NBTS) ​is ​a ​leader ​in ​the ​brain ​tumor ​community, ​bringing ​together ​the ​best ​of ​research ​and ​patient ​services. ​ ​They ​look ​to ​be ​a ​comprehensive ​resource ​for ​patients, ​families, ​caregivers, ​researchers ​and ​medical ​professionals. ​This ​is ​a ​family ​friendly ​5K ​walk ​and ​community ​day. ​ ​To ​learn ​more ​about ​the ​NBTS ​go ​to ​

National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) unrelentingly invests in, mobilizes, and unites our community to discover a cure, deliver effective treatments, and advocate for patients and care partners. Many of our walkers are brain tumor patients and their caregivers. We appreciate the AMTA-NY Community Service Massage Tearm offering those patients and family members with a special treat of massage therapy. This is one of our most requested and appreciated benefits to our walk. We are so grateful!

Camp Good Days Women’s Wellness-Central, Southern and Western Finger Lakes @ Camp Good Days & Special Times
Sep 21 @ 10:00 am – 4:30 pm


When: ​Saturday,  September 21, 2019
Time: ​10am ​- ​Noon ​and ​2pm ​to ​4:30 pm ​- ​Lunch ​included ​
Location: ​Camp ​Good ​Days ​and ​Special ​Times, ​58 ​West ​Lake ​Road, ​Branchport, ​NY ​14418
Supplies: ​Massage ​Table ​or ​chair ​plus ​a ​personal ​supply ​list ​to ​be ​sent ​upon ​confirmation
Number ​of ​therapists ​needed:  ​5/6 ​- ​please ​indicate ​if ​you ​can ​do ​the ​two ​shifts ​or ​if ​you ​can ​only ​make ​one.

Please ​contact ​team ​leader:    Beth Bergmann, E: C: 716.861.2092

The ​Women’s ​Oncology ​Program ​at ​Camp ​Good ​Days ​and ​Special ​Times ​fosters ​support ​and ​provides ​women ​who ​are ​dealing ​with ​cancer ​the ​opportunity ​to ​share ​life ​experiences. ​Designed ​by ​women, ​for ​women, ​the ​Women’s ​Oncology ​Program ​addresses ​the ​risks, ​fears, ​and ​barriers ​of ​everyday ​life ​most ​women ​face ​during ​and ​after ​diagnosis ​and ​treatment. ​All ​of ​the ​Women’s ​Oncology ​Program ​sessions ​strive ​to ​help ​women ​strengthen ​and ​rebuild ​their ​physical ​and ​emotional ​well-being ​through ​group ​and ​individual ​activities. ​To ​learn ​more ​about ​Camp ​Good ​Days, ​please go ​to ​

The Community Service Massage Team (CSMT) will provide chair massage for women with cancer. Massage is a favorite portion of this annual event. CSMT is seeking volunteers for one, or both shifts. Volunteers are encouraged to bring business cards so, if they choose; receivers may contact them after the event. To volunteer, contact Team Leader Beth Bergmann and fill out the volunteer form by clicking on “Tickets” or “Register” in the upper right corner of this page.

NY Fire Fighter Burn Center’s Holiday Event, CSMT Volunteer Opportunity @ New York Hospital
Dec 10 @ 8:30 am – 1:30 pm

When: ​ Tuesday, December 10. 2019     8:30am ​- 1:30pm
Where: ​ New ​York ​Hospital
525 ​East ​68th ​Street
New ​York, ​New ​York ​ ​10021
Contact: ​Eve ​Bucca ​E: ​ ​ ​ ​ ​(914) ​907-5411
​In ​1975, ​two ​FDNY ​firefighters ​started ​the ​New ​York ​Fire ​Fighter’s ​Burn ​Center ​Foundation ​(NYFFBCF) ​and ​in ​conjunction ​with ​NY ​Hospital, ​began ​building ​a ​state-of-the ​art ​burn ​center ​for ​firefighters ​and ​the ​public. ​Please ​go ​to: ​ ​click ​”on ​about ​us” ​and ​click ​on ​their ​history ​and ​beginning.

> ​If ​you ​volunteer ​for ​this ​event, ​you ​will ​be ​welcomed ​with ​cheers ​and ​smiles.