Critical Myofacial Strategies; The Upper Extremities

New Paltz
Saturday and Sunday October 13-14, 2018
CEH’s: 15

“Think globally act locally” is as apropos in bodywork as in politics. Myofascial Strategies are local, soft tissue interventions informed by an understanding of that body’s global structure. In this course, functional, visual, and palpatory assessments are demonstrated and practiced, and a framework of key relationships of body parts is provided. (eg: anterior scalpular tilt with elbow flexor shortness). Numerous, novel myofascial techniques are demonstrated and practiced, often with a client-active component. Beyond prone and supine, sidelying, and seated and methods are offered, with an eye to percolate new thinking as to how myofascial work can be applied and received. Additionally, various stretches and exercises, designed to augment the myofascial work, will be outlined for “homework” for the proactive client.


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