Functional Anatomy and Treatment of the Low Back and Hips- Southern Tier Unit

This course approaches the several things we think of as the lower back, the area from the lower ribcage to the sitting bones. The anatomy of the area is briefly covered, along with the miraculous multitasking of the lower back and abdomen, center of our core strength, seat of many of our most important organs, lifer of our legs, flexible support for much of the body’s weight, and connector of our two weight-bearing organs – the legs – to the weight masses of the upper body, to make standing, balance, gait and gesture possible without falling over. Approaches to restoring both strength and flexibility in this crucial area will be discussed, as well as the role a healthy lower torso and legs must play in holding us together while at the same time leaving the upper body free for breathing, doing crucial things with our arms with grace and dexterity, and expressing ourselves to others.