Gross Anatomy Lab Lecture – Upper Body- Central New York Unit

For centuries, Gross Anatomy has provided modern medicine with a strong foundation for exploration, information gathering, and research. Through the careful palpation of dissected cadavers, this class will offer massage therapists the ability to enhance their understanding of the human body and anatomy, especially the skeletal system.
Learning objectives:

1. Students will be able to identify and understand the major skeletal components of one of the cervical area, shoulder & upper extremity.

2. Students will be able to conduct cadaver palpation and exploration to their level of comfort in a gross anatomy lab setting using proper safety equipment, techniques and practices.

3. Students will be able to identify the correlation between structure and function of the designated area.

4. Students will be able to identify common pathologies and/or injuries endured by the designated area and the kinesthetic outcome/limitation of such injury. Examples include a tendon or ligament tear, cervical disc herniation, rotator cuff injuries, and more.

5. Students will recall a brief synopsis of gross anatomy history.
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This class can be applied toward the “Specialty Certificate in Military Veterans Massage.” This is the first of its kind in the nation, click here for more details on this unique program.