The Jaws, Ears, and Base of Skull: Triad of Opportunity- New York City

Pain in the Jaw is enough to make anyone weep.  You can help, and that help goes way beyond the masseter. We’ll discuss the anatomy and simple neurology of the jaw, the relation of the jaw to the ear and base of skull, and the mouth, and learn techniques, in and out of the mouth, to help people with TMJ and associated conditions.  We’ll also learn easy exercises and images you can teach a patient or use in a session.

Hour 1: Introduction of Structures in Jaw

Hour 2: Palpation of joint and muscles

Hour 3: Intra-oral and Ectra-oral Techniques

Hour 4: Cranial and Atlanto-Occipital Techniques

Hour 5: Imagery

Hour 6: Independent practice, Q&A, evaluation and questions

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