2023 Student Scholarship Contest

New York Chapter’s Annual Massage School Student’s Essay Contest

$1,000 First Prize              $600 Second Prize            $400 Third Prize

You have until March 23 to submit your essay!

What do you have to do?
Write an essay on one of the following topics with relevance to massage therapy;
1. What does it mean to you and the profession to hold membership
with a professional organization?
2. Speak to the relevance of participating in volunteer work or outreach projects to yourself and the field of massage therapy.
3. What are ethics and how do they relate to Massage therapy?
4. Capture and provide a view of the future relating to the message profession.
5. What it the value of research? (can be specific to an area of research)

Are there guidelines?
 YES, all the following criteria must be met:
  Only one entry per person
  Your essay can be no longer then 500 words
  It must be double spaced
  It must be formatted in MS Word, plain text, or pdf
  You have to be enrolled in NYS/DOE school

When do you have to submit it by?
You can submit your essay now through March 23, 2023.
Email to: scholarship@amtany.org
You must include your full name, ph./email, address, school name/address, graduation date with your submission

When will the winners be announced?
Winners will be announced  at the annual meeting:
                                         May 5 – 7 | Syracuse, NY

Please contact Jaimie Stasio, Scholarship Chair at Scholarship@amta-ny.org or ph. 315-709-8811, if you have any questions.

Good luck and we look forward to reading your essays!