Proposed Standing Rules Changes

We will be voting online on the following Standing rule changes.

Please review so you are informed.






Section 1.  Chapter Name

 The name of this Chapter is the American Massage Therapy Association – New York Chapter. The name may be abbreviated as AMTA-NY Chapter.


Section 2.  Elections


  1. Chapter elections will be held annually at the AMTA-NY Chapter Convention.
  2. The New York Chapter shall hold online elections in accordance with AMTA Bylaws and Policy.


 Section 3.  Eligibility for Chapter Board


  1. Candidate for elected office must be a Professional member in good standing, for a period of not less than a year prior to being nominated.
  2. President
  3. Shall have held an elected or appointed Board position within the AMTA-NY Chapter within the three (3) preceding years.
  4. Must have attended at least one National Officers’ Training.
  5. Board Members, Financial Administrator, and Secretary
  6. Must have attended at least four Chapter Board meetings within the last 12 months.

 Section 3.  Committees

  1. Appointed Standing Committees shall consist of, but not be limited to:
  2. Newsletter
  3. Education
  4. Convention
  5. Finance
  6. Membership
  7. Website
  8. Government Relations
  9. Communications
  10. Community Service Massage Team
  11. Sports Massage Team
  12. Committee Chairs may be directly responsible to a member of the Chapter Board for supervision and transfer of information.
  13. The following workgroups report to an officer or Standing Committee Chair as assigned on an annual basis: Scholarship, and Awards.


Section 4. Duties

  1. Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs will submit a newsletter article/report at least once a year for publication.
  2. The Chapter Financial Administrator will provide monthly financial reports for the monthly Chapter Board meetings. Annually a financial report will be written for the membership meeting at the AMTA-NY Chapter Convention.
  3. Committee Chairs will provide written reports to the Secretary prior to announced Chapter and Chapter Board meetings.

Section 5.  Education 

  1. All continuing education classes must be approved by the Chapter’s Education Chair and must follow established scheduled fees.
  2. Timelines for submitting fees as well as class paperwork such as sign-in sheets must follow Chapter policy.


Section 6.  Newsletter 

  1. The AMTA-NY Chapter newsletter, “In-Touch,” will be published on a quarterly basis (spring, summer, fall, winter.)
  2. Chapter officers and committee chairs will submit an annual article/report specifically for publication in the newsletter.


Section 7.  Delegates

  1. Candidate names for delegate positions are placed on the list for election in the order they are received.
  2. Delegates are elected at the AMTA-NY Chapter’s Annual Convention.
  3. Delegates will abide by the AMTA Bylaws and the AMTA-NY Chapter Standing Rules, and must sign the Delegate Code of Conduct.