Unemployment: You May be Eligible

Normally, persons who are self-employed and/or independent contractors are not typically eligible for unemployment.  However, the current Federal Bill enables licensed massage therapists who are self-employed, and/or independent contract workers, eligibility for  unemployment benefits for up to 39 weeks! This is huge for us!

Please visit our AMTA-NY COVID-19 page http://ny.wp.amtamassage.org/covid-19-updates/.  Click under Government Guidances, as we update that daily, if not multiple times a day.  There you will find all financial assistance information, including mortgage relief and SBA loans.

The unemployment link is toward the bottom of the page under “Department of Labor”, but you can click here as well: Step-by-Step Unemployment On-line.

We can not guarantee you will qualify but, if you need financial assistance at this time, please apply.  We have been told that we qualify because of the Federal Bill aforementioned.

Please take the time to view all the links/information that might be beneficial to you.  Everything we have is under this page, so become well-acquainted and well-informed.

In addition, there is an AG Office link under the Government Guidance page.  If you know a non-essential business who is still operating, you can report them here: File a Complaint.