The volunteer New York Delegates represent the opinions of our New York State members during the Assembly of Delegates (AOD) at the National Convention. The elected chapter member provide input on items of interest for the Association as it relates/impact New York.


Delegates represent us on the National level and play a very important role for the membership in AMTA. They are your voice on the national level. Delegates serve two year terms.

Delegates are accountable to, and elected by the membership. Qualifications according the National bylaws are that Delegates must be a professional member in good standing.  For a complete position description, frequently asked questions,  please log onto The Assembly of Delegates

Delegate Elect– term: 2024-26

Kim Corpus

Delegate Elect- term: 2023-25
Kelly Cartus

Elected Delegates are required to go to AMTA National Convention if the Assembly of Delegates is to be held in conjunction with Convention.  A written report is required to be submitted with expense report in order for reimbursement to be issued. AMTA-NY reimburses airfare, meals and expenses related to travel. Hotel reimbursement is at half of the room rate, so sharing a room with another Delegate is encouraged but not required.