Election Central 2018

What you need to know about the 2018 Elections

The following Chapter Offices are up for election in 2018:

  • President (2 year term)
  • Secretary  (2 year term)
  • Two Board Members (one 1-year term and one 2-year term)
  • One Delegate (2 year term)


AMTA-NY 2018 Chapter Convention will be the site of the 2018 Chapter Elections. Applications for office are requested by a “call for candidates” email prior to the meeting. Nominations are taken from the floor at the business luncheon if there haven’t been enough candidates nominated ahead of time by application. Attendees have the weekend to cast their vote and the new officers are sworn in at the Saturday night dinner-dance. Convention is at the Holiday Inn in Liverpool, NY May 4-6, 2018.

ALL members are welcome to attend the business luncheon meeting on Friday and to cast their vote afterwards.

What you should know about this years elections!

Elections for Board of Directors positions are held every year in every AMTA Chapter across the country. According to the AMTA National Bylaws, all states elect their President on even years, and Financial Administrator on odd years.

For New York, one Board Member will be elected every year for a two-year term. Both Board Members have to be elected this year; one to a 1-year term (completing the term of a resigning board member) and the other to the “normal” 2-year term

Each year the AMTA – New York Chapter, emails a “Call for Candidates” to the membership, and posts it on our website. All members are strongly encouraged to participate in the election by coming to the annual meeting to cast your vote or by running for an elected position.

In accordance with the AMTA-NY Chapter Standing Rule 3.2, qualifications for elected officers shall be:

All candidates for elected office must be a professional member in good standing, for a period of not less than a year prior to being nominated.
1. Shall have held an elected or appointed Board position within the AMTA-NY Chapter within the three (3) preceding years.
2. Must have attended at least one National Leadership Training.


-Board Members and Secretary
1. Must have attended at least four Chapter Board meetings within the last 12 months.
2. Served on a National or Chapter Committee or held an elected or appointed position.

The Board of Directors each have responsibilities to fulfill their positions. If you are interested in running for the Board of Directors, and meet the qualifications to run, please contact the Chapter Office for position descriptions and fill out the online Chapter Officer Elections Form below no later than five days prior to the AMTA-NY Chapter Annual Meeting.


Every year, our chapter delegates play a very important role for the membership in AMTA. They are our voice on the national level and serve their role by attending the National Convention and participating in the delegation.  New AMTA Bylaws state that each chapter has two delegates.  The position of Alternate Delegate has been retired.

Delegates must be a professional member in good standing of the Chapter to which they are assigned, they must sign the AMTA Delegate Code of Conduct, agree to uphold and abide by National AMTA Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Policy, Code of Conduct, Rules of Engagement, and job description and shall not be an AMTA National Board member. Delegate candidates must be available on the National Convention dates with capability to travel by air, and the time and willingness to poll members, attend preliminary meetings, and write an article after convention. Delegate alternates must also attend the preliminary meetings and be available for travel if you are called on to attend.
For a complete job description and a list of frequently asked questions, please click here:  https://www.amtamassage.org/uploads/cms/documents/chapter_delegate_to_aod.pdf


National Convention this year is in Washington DC, August 9-11, 2018.  Delegate’s National Convention is fully reimbursed by the AMTA-NY Chapter after convention is concluded and the delegate’s report is received. Consider running and representing your fellow NY members!!

All candidates and volunteers must sign the Code of Conduct to be eligible to run.  This is done on the AMTA National website and you must sign in to complete it.  All candidates are asked to fill out a resume with all pertinent professional information in massage therapy as well as other offices held, qualifications for the office you are seeking, reasons and objectives for seeking the office and any professional or community experience. Candidates are required to fill out the online Chapter Officer Elections below no later than five days prior to the AMTA-NY Chapter Annual Meeting.

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