The Body Journey Experience Certification-Rochester

11/15/24 @ 8:30 am – 11/17/24 @ 5:30 pm
RIT Inn and Conference Center
5257 W. Henrietta Rd. Henrietta
NY 14467
Cindy Allen

November 15-17, 2024
Friday-Sunday  8:30 am-5:30 pm

RIT Inn and Conference Center
5257 W. Henrietta Rd.
Henrietta, NY 14467

Presenter: Tonia Lach, LMT

CEH’s: 24
Tonia Lach is a NY approved ​provider ​for ​continuing  ​education via the  National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork  (NCBTMB.)  All credit for the class, NYS and NCBTMB, will be awarded by Ms Lach, NCBTMB # 1254.

CEH’s ​will ​be ​granted ​only ​to ​those ​who ​register ​and ​attend  ​the ​entire ​class. ​No ​partial ​credit ​can/will ​be ​awarded.

Certification  Description:

With The Body Journey Massage Experience®, you’ll learn how to create an immersive auditory and kin-esthetic transformational massage for your clients each time. You’ll be taught how to seamlessly blend sound and energy work with the sacred art of touch into a masterpiece that takes people on a deep inward journey. Discover how massage can transcend mere muscle manipulation, helping to transport individuals into a state of mental relaxation. When the mind lets go, the chi in the body can flow. When the chi flows, all of the systems in the body function better which leaves the client feeling more fully alive!

Advanced Massage Techniques that Weave Eastern and Western Modalities Together for an Optimum Client Experience
Gain experience combining Eastern and Western modalities to provide long-lasting pain relief while creating an extraordinary client experience. Students will receive training in the Chinese meridian system, potent acupressure points, reflexology, and how to apply dynamic over and under enveloping strokes that clear blocks in the meridians, allowing the client’s chi to flow from head to toe.

The Completion Technique
Most therapists release their touch before reaching the fingers and toes. Yet, the extremities are where the Chinese meridians end, and the energy body extends even further. 
By employing the Completion Technique to guide the chi all the way out, therapists can enhance their treatment’s effectiveness and lasting impact. This intentional approach feels exceptionally nurturing and communicates a sense of added care to the client.

Adding Sound to your Session, Simple Toning Techniques and Effective Places to Tone into the Body
In this class, you will learn about an effective method for removing blocks in the body’s meridians: the use of sound. Sound therapy works with the watery parts of the body, vibrating and releasing tension patterns, thus opening the flow of chi. This can leave the recipient with a light and uplifted feeling. You will be taught specific areas of the body where you can apply sound using polyphonic overtones and a variety of instruments.

As this is hands on, please bring your own massage table, bolsters (or pillow) for foot/leg support should you need it. Each person should bring table linens and your own  cream or oil.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes the first day to register and set up

We  welcome all NYS licensed massage therapists, NYS professionals who are  licensed to provide massage (physicians, nurses, podiatrists, physical  therapists, chiropractors) and currently enrolled massage therapy  students to our classes. Per New York State law, you must either have a  New York State license to participate in the hands-on portions or, in  the case of massage therapy students, be directly supervised by your  instructor or other licensed massage therapist.

Early registration pricing through October 21, 2024
Member ​Rate:
Early: ​$360​| ​Regular: $600
Non-Member ​Rate:
Early: ​$600 ​| ​Regular: ​$840

Cancellations of ​more ​than ​14 ​days ​prior ​to ​a ​class ​are  ​eligible ​for ​a ​refund minus a $50 administrative fee. ​Cancellations ​less ​than ​14 ​days  ​are ​not ​refundable. ​No ​shows ​are  ​not ​eligible ​for ​refund ​or ​use ​on ​future ​classes. ​Cancellations ​are ​based ​on ​post ​mark ​or ​email ​date ​and ​all ​cancellations ​must ​be ​in ​writing. ​Exceptions ​made ​only ​with ​approval ​of ​the ​AMTA-NY ​Chapter ​Board ​of ​Directors. ​Partial ​refunds ​for ​non-completed ​classes ​given ​only ​in  ​emergency ​situations ​and ​with ​Chapter ​President’s ​approval. ​