How Massage Therapy Works- New York City

10/26/24 @ 8:30 am – 10/27/24 @ 5:30 pm
Pacific College of Health Sciences
110 William St. New York
NY 10038
Cindy Allen

October 26-27
Saturday and Sunday  8:30 am-5:30 pm

Pacific College of Health Sciences
110 William St.
New York, NY 10038

Presenter: Troy Lavigne, LMT/CKT1

CEH’s: 16
Troy Lavigne is a NY approved ​provider ​for ​continuing  ​education via the  National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork  (NCBTMB 1782).  All credit for the class, NYS and NCBTMB, will be awarded by Mr. Lavigne.

CEH’s will ​be ​granted ​only ​to ​those ​who ​register ​and ​attend  ​the  ​entire ​class. ​No ​partial ​credit ​can/will ​be ​awarded.

Class Description:
This course is designed to help manual therapists gain a greater understanding into the most up-to-date research around fascia, pain, touch stimulus, and how these concepts interact with the brain. We delve into the idea of neuroplasticity and how it is that manual therapists can take advantage of this connection to help re-educate the bodies movement and pain patterns.  We explore the relationship that these systems have with both hyper and hypotonicity  as well as how neuroplasticity can be be integrated into treatment for all ages.
Massage tables are available at the facility if you wish to use them.   Please bring your own bolsters (or pillow) for foot/leg support should you need it. Each person should bring table linens and your own  cream or oil.

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes the first day.

Due to room space, this class will be limited to 24 ppl.

We  welcome all NYS licensed massage therapists, NYS professionals who are  licensed to provide massage (physicians, nurses, podiatrists, physical  therapists, chiropractors) and currently enrolled massage therapy  students to our classes. Per New York State law, you must either have a  New York State license to participate in the hands-on portions or, in  the case of massage therapy students, be directly supervised by your  instructor or other licensed massage therapist.

Early registration pricing through September 30, 2024
Member ​Rate:
Early: ​$240 ​| ​Regular: ​$400
Non-Member ​Rate:
Early: ​$400 ​| ​Regular: ​$560

Cancellations  ​of ​more ​than ​14 ​days ​prior ​to ​a ​class ​are  ​eligible ​for ​a ​refund minus a $35 administrative fee. ​Cancellations ​less ​than  ​14   ​days  ​are ​not ​refundable, ​but ​monies ​less ​a ​$100  ​processing ​fee ​may ​be ​applied ​to ​any ​future ​AMTA-NY ​Chapter ​event. ​No ​shows ​are ​not ​eligible ​for ​refund ​or ​use ​on ​future  ​classes.   ​Cancellations ​are ​based ​on ​post ​mark ​or ​email ​date  ​and ​all ​cancellations ​must ​be ​in ​writing.  ​Exceptions ​made ​only ​with approval ​of ​the ​AMTA-NY ​Chapter  ​Board ​of  ​Directors. ​ ​Partial ​refunds ​for ​non-completed ​classes ​given ​only ​in ​emergency ​situations ​and ​with ​Chapter ​President’s ​approval. ​  ​